Shameful Display Aradia Commission

Growing wet, she started to slicken up both herself and the bottle. Wrapping her arms around the young blonde, she lifted her up, and laid her down on the ground. On her own, with nobody to impress or watch out for, she saw no reason to take her time with what she was doing, and immediately started to jerk herself quickly, foreskin peeling back over the head and revealing the thick, bulbous head beneath. Not to mention, Rose always put her all into getting Kanaya off afterward, which was something Kanaya would never turn down.

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Aradia Commission – Shameful Display

She bucked her own hips against her hand, her fingers being coated in warm juices. The smell was still as strong as it had been beforehand, perhaps even more so.

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It continued going, showing no signs of stopping, the sight of the red puddle being to surround her doing nothing to alleviate the shame she was feeling. After only a moment, she had drenched them completely. Her dress came off first, and his lips were on her body before it had even hit the ground. Growing wet, she started to slicken up both herself and the bottle. Then, she pulled back, slipping the finger that had been inside Jane into her mouth, inspiring an explosion of tastes and senses, all pleasurable to the depraved Lalonde. What was she planning?

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