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After having helped to ward off the assassination attempt, Marco expressed a change of heart toward Star, and a preference for her to remain a resident of his home. In Sophomore SlumpJackie sees him still being attached to Mewni and breaks up with him, realizing that his friendship with Star is more important than their relationship and that he would be happier in Mewni than in Echo Creek. She is then seen to have a jealous expression and uses magic uncontrollably to make them fall.

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Starco (Star x Marco)

Views Read Edit View history. However, Toffee slowly manipulates Ludo and gradually possesses him. A member of the Johanson family, he married Moon and took her family name. A group of powerful magical beings who act as guardians of magic in the universe. He also has a small mole on his right cheek. He also had a black slash painted across his left eye, two piercings on his right ear, and a tattoo of dimensional scissors on his inner left bicep.

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Prior to closure being fully reached, the two were ambushed by the villain Ludo and his thugs. Further more, when Marco confessed to Tom in the Season 3 finale of him kissing Star, he surprisingly didn't erupt into a fit of rage but instead took it well and even hugged Marco and Star at the end of the episode. Though often aloof and self-indulgent, she is loyal to Star and willing to help in various causes. Retrieved July 31, She makes a deal with Eclipsa to learn dark magic, but realizing the price of using it is too high, she instead uses it to sever Toffee's finger.

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